Baby Rayna...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 29 April 2009 at 10:50 AM

This is Baby Rayna's 2nd shoot at Gloss. She was so happy during her shoot the other day. Mommy and Daddy brought some of the cutest outfits and accessories, including hot pink sunglasses... of course my favorites were the little nudy frames of her just havin' fun.

Little Funky Carrington

Posted by Jac | | Posted On at 10:43 AM

The other day we shot Carrington having some good 'ol urban fun. She was so hilarious as she loved watching Sam behind me as I was snapping away. It always amazes me whenever Carrington comes to see me because her hair is sooo... long. It is safe to say, I have never had a 9mos old ever have as long of hair as beautiful Carrington. Same to say at her 3mos and 6mos sessions... ha.

the Fleming Girls...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On at 10:36 AM

This was such an awesome session with the Fleming girls. Milancy, Mackenzie, & Kaitlyn had so much fun at their session the other day at Gloss. It truly was the perfect gift for their mother, Robin, who popped in a frames with the girls. Happy Birthday Robin!

Butterflies in Flight...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 23 April 2009 at 2:05 PM

So, here is a very awesome Sneak Peek of Shorewood's Butterflies in Flight prototype for all the marketing for this very special summer event. Gloss has been commissioned to do all marketing photos for these beautiful creatures. The Sneak Peeks below represent some fun angles I shot for fun, most marketing photography for this project will be pretty much straight forward just documenting the pieces, and not taking away from what the artists have created.

Artists are decorating in all types of medium these huge (and I mean huge! Like 3ftx3ft, and then put on these huge cement rolling pedestals) fiber glass butterflies. There will be a total of 25 Butterflies then displayed for most of the summer all over Shorewood businesses (YES, Gloss is getting one). At the end of the 2 month display, there will be a huge Gala to auction off these beautiful art works.

New Commercial Website Live...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 22 April 2009 at 4:23 PM

Gloss Photography Studios is proud to introduce our new Commercial Photography Division headed up by Sam Sumner. The website has Officially gone LIVE today... with tons of tweeks to come it is not fully finished, but you can definitely get a glimpse of this really hot new service Gloss Photography Studios is offering. The services include: product shoots, head shots, events, musicians, artists, and more... Check this ever-so-changing website out daily as we will be switching out photos and getting more work on this portfolio site asap... enjoy!

Amazing Earth Day Special...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On at 12:19 PM

Super duper awesome and bodacious special going on just for Earth Day, and it is only for 24 hours... so get on it and call us!

What's the special you ask?

Well, book any Signature Session or higher in the next 24 hours and receive one complimentary hi-res image with Copyright Release letter!

We rarely give any type of special like this... and we never give Copyright Releases to images. See why this is such a super duper awesome and bodacious offer! 

*Not applicable with any other specials... sorry.

Meet Matt&Melissa...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 20 April 2009 at 10:36 AM

What a perfect day for a wedding this past Saturday, as everyone remembers that random day of beautifulness as we look outside today at the gloominess and feel a lil' chilly... oh, what happened. Matt&Melissa's day was absolutely perfect! Enjoy these wedding sneak peeks...


KK & Drew's fabulous e-session...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On at 10:24 AM

It was a great pleasure seeing KK & Drew last Friday, as they live far, far away in good 'ol Colorado and are planning their May wedding to be held at the War Memorial in Milwaukee. While a long flight and short trip to finalize all the wedding plans... we snuck in an amazing engagement session... enjoy

New Boudoir Gallery added to Website...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 14 April 2009 at 12:07 PM

New Boudoir Gallery added to Portrait Website...

New Studio Tour - Phase III - Done!!!

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 10 April 2009 at 10:37 AM

We pulled it off!! The new Gloss Photography Studios is finished and open for business!  I usually post a lot more pictures, but I wanted to keep some of the mystery alive for when you all see it in person.  Come visit us whenever!  3805 N. Oakland Ave.  

Front Window

Front Desk

Waiting Room

Proofing Area

Shooting Area

Changing Room

Consult Room

Back Office

I know!  Super sweet.....See you soon.....

Hannah Rocks!

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 09 April 2009 at 4:49 PM

We had a fun lil' shoot the other day, and the absolute pleasure to meet Hannah. Hannah is only a Sophomore at Shorewood High School, but was getting her Senior pics done very, very early.


Because Hannah is donating her hair to Locks of Love and then shaving her head for the MACC Fund. Totally awesome right?

Way to go Hannah!

Boudoir on the Blog

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 03 April 2009 at 10:37 AM

These sassy and sexy shoots have really gained some popularity in the last few months, as we are shooting more and more. These shoots are perfect for any woman! They have been most popular for women to be giving these products to their significant others as gifts or just having fun with the gals at one of our Portrait Parties capturing your youth. We have some awesome albums and other keepsake products perfect for these occassions. Many of the Boudoir shoots have been held in-studio, but some other popular places would be in-home or at contemporary hotels. This summer we will be featuring one of our hottest new services: Portrait Parties! These Portrait Parties are obvious great for all the kids' birthdays (but that should be a different blog posting from this... ha)Our adult Portrait Parties are amazing. Champaign flying everywhere and having a ton of fun with your girlfriends. An absolute night to remember... and we've captured all the fun and sass for you! Below is a very teeny-tiny sneak peek of a recent Boudoir Shoot held at the studio... enjoy