Dave+Kerri | Oshkosh | 09.26.09

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There are very few words to describe Dave & Kerri's wedding last Saturday in Oshkosh & Neenah, WI... maybe WOW is a good word.
Well, these Sneak Peeks kind of took on a life of itself and might have become Wedding Sneak Peeks, along with Commercial Sneak Peeks. Confused? Here we go...
Kerri is a fashion designer. (who awesomely used to work for Marc Jacobs... cool... I know). Anyways, she designed her gown... and sewed it... flew all over the world(country) literally... to find her fine fabrics and antique buttons... amazing! So we started super early so that we would have plenty of time to get a mini commercial shoot in to artistically document this beautiful gown.
Enjoy the Sneak Peeks...

Ummm... yeh. Shoes are from London... amazing!

Enjoying some cocktails on the trolley.

Stopped by Leon's to get some icecream for the wedding party...

Because of this shot- I got a shout out in the Bride & Groom's toast during the reception... super funny... We were stopped for a train, so we jumped off the trolley to grab some shots... Dave loves dipping his new wife... all over the place... well... he didn't have that tight of a grip- and BOOM... she went crashing to the ground... cars were honking all over the place because if was seriously hilarious. Don't worry myself and the videographer documented every moment! - anyways, he told this story during his toast... haha... hence, my shoutout... :)

You wouldn't be able to tell in this shot, but this was one of my largest bridal parties: 29? I think. (Not shown: one bridesmaid who was literally in labor and rushed to the hospital I think that morning, 4 flower girls, 3 ring bearers, & 2 ushers) haha... awesome time!

I love the unique things couples are doing for 'the kisses' during the reception... they had these kazoos at each place setting - to blow away at if you wanted the bride & groom to kiss... not to mention it was a super cute idea to go along with the dressup trunk for their photobooth.

Cake centerpieces... each different flavors to get guests out of their seats and mingle with tables around them to taste the cakes.... very cute!

The middle of the head table had a seperate Bride & Groom table. I thought this was a very cool idea.... and of course I was totally obsessed with the damask theme.

A is for Alexis.

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Awesome Grad shoot with Alexis!

I loved this gal's accessories so much, I went out the next day and snagged some of her awesome jewelry from some local stores... haha... I love fashionista Seniors... It always inspires my inner funkiness... haha.


Welcome Baby C...

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This was an awesome shoot the other day with Baby C and his Mommy & Daddy...

Mommy & Daddy brought all these great accessories and such for Baby C to feel comfortable during his first photo shoot at Gloss. One of the coolest things they brought?... nope- wasn't his blankie... nope- wasn't his teddy bears... it was... his nook... get this... it was Juicy Couture! How cool is that... these clients have got some style & that made our shoot rock that much more!

Enjoy the Sneak Peeks...

Lam+Melissa | Paine Art Museum | 09.19.09

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Awww ... what a beautiful day at the Paine Art Museum for a wedding... Melissa & Lam's wedding!

We had so much fun with the couple throughout their engagement and their wedding. They are so crazy in love and love to laugh... a lot!

This venue holds a special spot for Sam & I, as we got married there 3 years ago... so special & magical.

This was an awesome moment. We were doing some bridal shots before the ceremony and out walks Melissa's dad... having his First Look of his daughter in her beautiful wedding gown. It was so neat to capture these moments between the two of them.

Laughing like usual- but in this case everyone was laughing- there was lil' fumble with the wedding bands, and there had to be a quick pause in the service to find where they fell too

A very important element to their wedding day was the Chinese Dragon dancers to enhance Lam's Chinese heritage. What a great idea, and awesome entertainment for their guests.


They had so much fun with the cake cutting. Nothin' traditional about these two.

Favors for their guests were fortune cookies & a red envelope. Inside the red envelope were donations for their guests to 'feed' the Dragon dancers during their Grand Enterance.