Lorena Sarbu Boutique: Beverly Hills Opening Reception- Historic Third Ward, Milw

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 30 May 2009 at 7:41 AM

Lorena Sarbu Boutique: Beverly Hills hosted their Grand Opening reception this past Thursday. What a fabulous function! While covering the event we snuck the Ford models out for test shoots for upcoming fashion shoots with the boutique. Enjoy the Sneak Peeks...

This model is only 17 & she goes to Shorewood High School. She is going to have a very successful career in modeling I feel.
Some of you might recognize this model... this is the current Miss Wisconsin. What an awesome opportunity to get some great shots of her!
Lorena (above) fixing one of the models dress for the shoot

A few awesome shots of Lorena and the models outside her Boutique

I begged Lorena for a few fun shots and she finally gave in. She says she is more 'behind the scenes' .... really.... really... look at this woman! Amazingly beautiful!

This event was catered to the max and champagne flowing all 'round. A cute shot I caught of Lorena and her son.

Andrew & Julia - Madison, Wisc. - May 22nd, 2009

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Oh Andrew & Julia... Now they were a fun and goofy couple... and so damn in love with each other... I loved it! Their wedding was held in the Botanical Gardens in Madison, which was just gorgeous. 

These were cute shots of everyone getting ready and having a little champy.

Sassy. Sassy. Sassy... love it!

I love favors! - Love grows- planting seeds

Scott & Rochelle - Racine, Wisc. - May 24th, 2009

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I was so nice shooting Scott & Rochelle's wedding in Racine this past Holiday weekend. The weather was cool, and the shots were HOT! 

We ran outside from the reception to catch some shots with this awesome sunset. Oh, and I don't know why but I am totally obsessed with personalized cocktail napkins... weird, I know:)

Scott & Rochelle's Get-Away-Car was a '72 Chevy Nova. It was totally HOT! Sam informed me that Chevy could not sell this car in Mexico because 'No Va' means NO GO.... I was laughing ridiculously for quite a bit.

A few studio clients from the past week....

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Beautiful baby, Zella.

Baby Natalie's 2nd session... or 3rd if you consider mommy's Belly session with her. Growing up soo.. fast! That's how it is when babes are on my baby plan, always changing and what an amazing way to document baby's first year.

Mia loved the spotlight.

Julian the actor. I have never seen so many great cued expressions come from a child this young. It was an awesome sess.


Cutie pants, Charlie! Soo... much energy!

One of our new Jr. Ambassadors, Jaime. What a good-lookin' dude!

Drew & Kristin's Milwaukee Wedding @ the War Memorial

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Drew & Kristin's wedding was last Saturday at the Gesu Church (which just had an amazing write up in the Shepperd Express) & one of Milwaukee's beautiful landmarks, the War Memorial. The day was obvious filled with so much love & excitement as guests traveled from all over the US to rejoice in this couple's passion for one another. 

photography by Associate Photographer, NikkiN

Nathan & Wendy - La Crosse, WI

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I had the pleasure of shooting Nathan & Wendy's wedding this past Saturday. What a fun couple! The wedding was held in La Crosse, Wisconsin at the Forest Hills Golf Course... enjoy the Sneak Peeks.

I usually don't post guests atleast for the Sneak Peeks, but this is a very, very special guest... my Mother! She was definitely getting her 'dance on' throughout the whole evening.

A beautiful moment between the Bride & Groom

This was just a perfect shot. Two cute, little boys enjoying the passing train on the golf course. Immediately after, one of the boys jumped off the ledge, and I had forgotten how shallow of a jump it was... and screamed running after him to see if he was ok... he was looking up at me as if I were crazy!