Studio Warming & Fundraiser [click 2 enlarge]

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Markus&Aria favs from their engagement session.

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the Cutest Love Story...

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I had the amazing pleasure of photographing a fabulous engagement...
The fiance and myself concocted the sweetest plan.

THE SET-UP: the fiance, Markus, tells his girlfriend, Aria, that they are going to a business dinner and to dress up. Markus gets a fake phone call on the way over to the 'business dinner' stating that the event is starting an hour later and to kill some time they should stop over at Atwater Beach & Park to walk around.

ME UNDERCOVER: a nature photographer at Atwater Beach & Park just hanging out on a beautiful Sunday taking pix of ... the water I guess.. haha

WHAT HAPPENS: the second they are walking the long staircase down to the beach I spot them. I casually start focusing my shooting more on them. As soon as they got to the beach I start to become more and more obvious that I am shooting them... being very weird and awkward. This immediately gets Aria very concerned and says something to Markus... then and there he says, 'Well that's because...' and gets down on one knee and pops that ultra special question. The rest is history. We finished off that amazing afternoon with a beautiful engagement session full of champagne and laughter.

A Few Favorites...

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