Posted by Jac | | Posted On 26 March 2009 at 4:19 PM

Hi again! Time for Phase II of the New and Improving Gloss Photography Studios new studio tour!! Say that three times fast! I have to comment on the plywood being laid down in the back. You can't even comprehend what was under that carpet!! I wish I had taken some shots of it. It was like 3 layers of weird tile and something akin to roofing material. Super weird, but what a relief that it's gone! Check the progress!!

Address...Stop by! Oakland Ave, by the way....

New and improved "Living Room"!!

"Living Room"

Studio View - What a mess!

Changing Room - Gutted!!

Awesome new Portable Shooting Surface!

Awesome new Portable Shooting Surface 2!

Proofing Area with Paint Job

Special Disembodied Radiator - Amazing

The Once and Future Sandwich Board

The Door is in!!

Back Room - Comin' Together!

Thank Goodness the Plywood is Down!!! Ready for Flooring!

Jaci's Amazing Drape Job!

Back Office- Gutted!!

Basement Cleaned Out!! Incredible....

Well that's all for now. Phase III will be amazing. Trust me. Bye.


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