Lk. Geneva - Brian & Jessie - 15 Aug 09

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 19 August 2009 at 3:22 PM

AAAAAwwwghhh... I am so freaking obsessed with Birdcage veils... it's insane!

I had the great honour of photographing Brian & Jessie's wedding last weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

(Sam just brought to my attention: this is the third 'Brian' in a row) - scroll around- see for yourself :)

Love it!

This was hilarious... I had this 'vision' - as usual- for this shot. I had my usual wedding outfit of all black with a skirt & leggings. Well to pull this off, I took off my skirt for the bride to lay on... haha... BRIDES that's how much I care about you - I care about you so much, I'll start taking clothes off... haha. Perfect! Totally worth it!

22 person wedding party.... and totally crazy-fun!
Thanks guys... we had an amazing tim being a part of your day.



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