My Beautiful Sister's Wedding...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 30 July 2009 at 9:44 AM

My sister and her amazing new husband got married on the Fourth of July. Gloss had the amazing pleasure of shooting her wedding with the great help to our Associate Photog. NikkiN.

Enjoy the Sneak Peeks...
There were tons of shoe shots not only because us ladies love our shoes, but they were Kate Spade... I mean, HELLLLO!

Outside the beautiful Fond du Lac church, showing off her kicks.

Celebrating with some champie in the limo.

I am so glad we were blessed with great weather and a great limo for transporting this bunch everywhere... because fortunately & unfortunately with a Matron of Honour as a photographer (me), I kinda... had our location shooting all picked out: OshVegas sign, a Carnival, & the Country Club grounds....... perfect!

Yummy... cotton candy.

Both avid golfers, so it only made sense to give their guests custom golf balls as 'thank yous' for attending their wedding event.

I saved the best 'Photo with a Story' for last...
So you know how everywhere you are seeing this trend of the Bride & Groom having crazy dances at the reception or down the aisle - as seen on YouTube and other outlets...
Well they did it! -and a month before it was the IT thing to do.
Anyways, they started out with a beautiful love song for their first dance... then all of a sudden the music cuts - Bride throws Groom to the floor - guests are confused - then the beat.... Michael Jackson!!! - They had a whole routine ... it was the COOLEST!!!
I totally recommend YOU to do this at your wedding... I think every guest is still talking about it:)
We love you so much Niki & Ryan!
Best Wishes,


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