Luke+Jen | Niagra, WI | 09.12.09

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 17 September 2009 at 11:44 AM

Luke & Jen were such a blast to be around for their wedding day last Saturday in Niagra, Wisconsin... that's like... literally... the border of Wisconsin & Michigan... haha. They had a gorgeous day. We were so surprised at how 'fall' it is up there already... it was beautiful!

We decided to have a lot of fun with the Preparations, and throw a lil' Boudoir in there... super fun!
Seriously, there were so many cutesy babies and children... awww... too cute!
So... in love!

This was the cutest! It was a little bit of a travel from ceremony to reception, and a select group of adults could not wait to get off the bus... and this little guy wanted to do everything the men were doing... haha.


= a whole lot of FUN!!!


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