Gloss Website Construction...

Posted by Jac | | Posted On 04 September 2009 at 10:12 AM

We just wanted to let everyone know the exciting news that Gloss is revamping the website for a more fabulous look & easier navigation. Also, Sam (Winters) Sumner has created some super dope music for the website... so no more elevator music.... YEAH!!!

We have been told for the next 24-48 hours things are going to get weird with the changing of the website, and instead of having everything all together offline, will reroute you to the Portraits Website: .... confused yet? Don't worry. Everything is right there on the website from: different galleries ranging from wedding to baby, and other information. Clients & Visitors trying to view recent work we have done with you, don't fret... the Proofing Site is still active.

We apologize for any inconvenience... this is kind of like the TV Repair Man- they have given us a window time frame. Nothing could be effected- or everything could be effected for up to 48 hrs. We have taken the best steps to ensure that this is the least annoying for you- by rerouting to an older website, but still giving you up-to-date information and doing this during a Holiday Weekend... where hopefully everyone will be out enjoying the weather and not stuck indoors:)

Thanks again for your patience. And have a great loooooong Holiday Weekend all!


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